vmWare to Proxmox Migration


Advantages of Proxmox over VMware

Here are the advantages of Proxmox compared to VMware.

Proxmox Virtual Environment

  • Open-Source
  • Optional subscrptions with vendor support and fair pricing
  • Integrated management of containers and virtual machines
  • Simple operation and user interface
  • REST-API for automated provisioning
  • Scalability and flexibility
  • Active community and regular updates

  • High costs for licenses and support contracts
  • Limitations on the number of virtual machines per license
  • Complex licensing model that can lead to unexpected costs
  • Limited flexibility in scaling and configuration
  • Limited support for open-source technologies
Migration Service

We'll handle the migration from VMware to Proxmox quickly and affordably for your business. Benefit from the advantages of the open-source virtualization solution and save costs. Contact us anytime by phone at 089 75999000 for consultation and a quick quote.

You can reach us via email at For WhatsApp, you can reach us at 0163 0444055.

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